June 5th, 2008 by hana

Last May 18, on our trip home from Iba, Zambales, we stopped by a stall on the road to buy some mangoes. We were a good distance away, when I realized that my phone was missing.

I asked that we go back. I know that there was no other place I could’ve left my phone but in the stall we stopped by. I was desperately hoping that no one else pulled over to buy…as that could mean some stranger finding my phone and deciding to keep it; or my phone on the ground being ran over by a parking car. Frown

But careless as I may be to leave my phone behind, it was still my lucky day.

This was the lady who gave me back my mobile phone. The same woman who sold us mangoes (and gave us free ones to taste Smile ).

She beamed the moment saw our vehicle, and was waving frantically as we took a U-turn. I quickly went down and approached her. She was excitedly telling me about how she heard a noise and found my phone on the ground. We were calling my phone, and the ringing got her attention. She tried to call me back, but my phone battery died. She was hoping we’d come back, and was so happy that we did.

I was happy too! Smile I kept thanking her over and over for keeping my phone (and returning it to me). I actually regret now that I didn’t get to hug her, cause I wanted to hug her so much! I even forgot to ask her name. Frown Luckily, KC took a picture of her. So to show my appreciation, no matter how late, I’m posting a picture of her and telling everyone how kind she is. Grin

I’m glad that good people still exist, because they just have to! All’s well that ends well, just ask Bong. Smile

5 Responses to “Manang”

  1. markku Says:

    I’m really glad you managed to find the phone I gave you. I would’ve been so sad if you lost it. Frown

  2. hana Says:

    yeah, tanong mo sila angge, di ako mapakali sa sasakyan kasi nga gift mo yun. Frown

    buti nakita ni manang Smile

  3. bong Says:

    ang sweet sweet nyo namang dalawa. hanggang dito sa blog ni hana. hahaha

    hana, buti ka pa!

  4. hana Says:

    bong, buti pa ako…? nabalik yung cellphone o may sweet na bf? haha Grin

  5. gil Says:

    lesson of the story:laging icharge ang phone lalo na pag nasa province lol